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Blissful Plant® Ingredient & Sourcing POLICIES

Product Quality

All ingredients must meet Blissful Plant® standards of high quality and functionality;  no-spray farms, clean extraction processes, fair trade, organic & bio-dynamic (when possible), etc.

Economic Accountability

Economic transparency is required. Suppliers must ensures equitable payment to all suppliers in the supply chain.

Social Responsibility

Blissful Plant® endeavors to work with suppliers, vendors, and businesses that uphold high standards of Social Responsibility. We ask that measures evaluated by third-party verifiers are in place to ensure safe, fair and humane working conditions internally, including protecting the rights of workers and providing adequate living conditions. Our goal is to lead and encourage all businesses to always do what is right for their team, our planet, and our industry.

Environmental Leadership

Blissful Plant® reduces its carbon footprint continuously.  Measures are consistently updated and evaluated to manage waste, protect water quality, conserve water and energy, preserve biodiversity and reduce agrochemical use. Blissful Plant® is committed to business practices (ink/ printing, recycling, PCC use, etc.) that ensure environmental recovery and sustainability for the long term.


As our mission statement articulates, Blissful Plant® chooses to partner with vendors whose products and quality are congruent with our expectations. When we assess vendors, we only choose those that meet our high level of quality and can supply products on time, accurately, and without defect – every time. We have built relationships with vendor partners over decades based on this philosophy.

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