The Blissful Plant® team has decades of experience building and running cGMP quality systems & facilities. We fully believe in everything we do, but we also believe in being fully transparent & verifying every outcome using our Certified 3rd Party Labs. We proudly use Columbia Labs for all of our raw material & finished goods testing. Check the bottom of your product bottle or side of the product box, where you’ll find the product’s lot number. Search that lot number HERE. The lab results shown will contain detailed information about our date of manufacture, cannabinoids, potencies, terpenes, pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, etc. Thank you for trusting the Blissful® Team.

We understand the value of trust, and therefore we have unwavering standards that we hold for ourselves and all of our farming, ingredient, and manufacturing partners. Our goal is to share all of this with our customers via documents and direct communication.

Below is a list of our transparency goals, and you can find our Certified 3rd Party Lab testing statement HERE.

  • Use Organic Ingredients When Available (our Farm (FSOil) is USDA Organic w/ One Cert)
  • Be Transparent About our Ingredient Partners
  • Make Microbial Contaminant Testing Publicly Available
  • Make Potency Testing Publicly Available
  • Make Terpene Profile Results Publicly Available
  • Make Residual Solvents Testing Publicly Available
  • Make Pesticides Heavy Metals and Mycotoxin Testing Publicly Available
  • Share Declaration of Where our Hemp was Grown (Oregon)
  • Share our Sustainability Practices and Mission
  • Continually Be Open To Change & Improvement

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